A Cruise Mystery Shopper Evaluation to Improve Guest Satisfaction

There has never been a more important time to measure the service quality of your cruise line, and Coyle ensures you receive complete feedback and an action plan that works.

The cruise industry has endured a tough PR stretch in recent years. Even if your line has remained successful, it’s important to find any and all areas that could be improved.

A Mystery Shopper Evaluation Cruise Line Companies Can Truly Utilize

From the carefully screened, professional panel, an evaluator- who collectively stays over 10,000 nights a year on all types of cruise lines around the world – will experience, test and provide feedback on every aspect of your brand, including:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Call center performance
  • Vacation planning
  • Onboard services
  • Partner/vendor performance and more

The projects themselves can range from the simplicity of surveying upper-income consumers considering their first cruise or the complexity of deploying a couple loyal to your competitor for a seven-day cruise on one of your lines.

Whatever your needs, Coyle Hospitality Group has the customized programs and quantitative and qualitative expertise that your cruise line needs to improve its QA initiatives.

Get a Cruise Mystery Shopper Evaluation for Your Line

With complete, detailed feedback for large, small, independent and branded lines, a cruise mystery shopper evaluation from Coyle offers everything needed to not just meet compliance standards, but to exceed guest expectations and develop brand loyalty.

To learn more, be sure to contact Coyle Hospitality Group today.

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