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Coyle is the worldwide leader for cruise lines who believe that the customer experience truly drives their business today and into the future.

Cruises and The Coyle Story…

Since 1996, Coyle has curated the most carefully screened network of professional evaluators from all over the world. On any given day, we estimate these professional evaluators are aboard at least 10 cruise ships, and collectively stay over 10,000 nights a year on cruise lines large and small all over the world.

Cruise lines ask Coyle to refer demographically-aligned evaluators to experience, test and report on every aspect of the brand including: Marketing Campaigns, Call-Center Performance, Vacation Planning, Onboard Services, and Partner/Vendor Performance.

Projects performed by Coyle-referred evaluators can be as simple as surveying upper-income consumers considering their first cruise or as involved as an upper-income retired couple loyal to a competitor taking a 7-day cruise on one of your lines. Maybe your call center needs a compliance check during low-demand periods?

Coyle Clients Consistently Get:

  • Carefully screened and diverse panel of cruisers of all experience levels
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Customized programs that enhance your current QA initiatives
  • Low-cost and immediate start-up
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Expertise
  • Coyle will take a consultative approach by learning your needs and keeping the measurement disciplines focused for results.

Clients Staying Ahead with Coyle

From global brands to independents, Coyle clients lead in their respective categories with a commitment to the customer and a never-ending desire to always be better.

We currently design and implement secret shopper programs for a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Carnival
  • Azamara Club Cruises
  • Princess Cruises
  • Princess Tours
  • More...

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