Curbside Mystery Shopping

Measure and improve your curbside pick-up experience from start to finish. Get an edge on the competition.

With over 20 years of mystery shopping experience, no industry or business is off limits to Coyle.

To help you stand out and encourage repeat customers, Coyle Hospitality provides:

  • A 15-point checklist to ensure your curbside processes are efficient, safe, clean, hygienic and well-packaged
  • Photographs and images to backup reporting
  • An edge over your competitors as curbside options increase

Read our blog post on Best Practices for Restaurant Curbside Pick-up.

Coyle Clients Consistently Get:

  • Fully customized measurement programs to suit their needsCurbside Pickup Sign
  • Referral of experienced and demographically-matched evaluators
  • Dedicated industry professionals committed to their business
  • Relevant, updated scenarios
  • Competitive set benchmarking
  • Dynamic reporting from professional evaluators and trend analysis
  • Audio recording available
  • No start-up costs
  • Worldwide coverage
Download the Curbside Fact Sheet (PDF)
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