Dealer Networks

Are Your Dealers/Distributors Promoting Your Products? Get Detailed Feedback from a Professional Mystery Shopper

Salespeople are the driving force at your dealers’ retail outlets. Their product knowledge and enthusiasm for your brand directly affect your success. Coyle Hospitality Group helps manufacturers evaluate dealer performance and identify opportunities to increase sales.

Mystery Shopping

The process begins with an understanding of your business. What’s important to your end-users? What are the important features and benefits? What differentiates your products from the competition?
Our evaluators will visit your dealers and rate the customer experience. They’ll provide objective feedback that can be reviewed efficiently and includes actionable coaching points.

Brand Compliance

Your brand represents the soul of your company. It’s how buyers perceive the value of your products and the quality of your workmanship. Inconsistencies hurt sales.
We’ll make sure the salespeople at your retail outlet dealers are using effective brand-centric talking points in recommending your products.

Quality Assurance

Are your products properly displayed? Do salespeople speak knowledgeably about your products? Are they explaining features correctly? Do they handle objections effectively?
We’ll evaluate whether dealers are capitalizing on every opportunity to promote your products and close sales.

Market Research

Whether it’s a quick survey to gauge opinions of your products or a detailed assessment of how your brand measures up against the competition, we’ll gather the data you need. Our straightforward analysis of the facts will illuminate the path forward.
Eliminate the guesswork. With the right market research you get actionable insights and can make decisions with confidence.

Why Coyle?

Evaluating Businesses Since 1996

Coyle understands distributor sales. We know you rely on your dealers to represent your brand correctly. Using our experience spanning two decades, we’re able to pinpoint issues. Together we’ll develop solutions that strengthen the manufacturer-dealer relationship and optimize sales.

Fortune 500 Companies Trust Coyle

Coyle has successfully performed mystery shopping evaluations for some of the world’s most respected manufacturers, home builders, restaurants, hotels and cruise lines. What we’ve done for them we can do for your organization.

Valuable Data from Skilled Evaluators

Our mystery shoppers are carefully screened and selected based on profiles you determine. They’ll blend in with ease while discretely observing your distributors at work. No repeat visits to a location. You determine the criteria you want measured. We provide customizable data, on-point analysis and clear insights that you can translate into actionable results.

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