Customized Franchise and Brand Compliance

Make sure your brand maintains brand integrity, uphold purchasing agreements, accurately report financials, and maintain integrity.

Global Compliance Auditing

Franchise Compliance

Make sure your franchisees maintain brand integrity, uphold purchasing agreements, accurately report financials, and maintain integrity.

We work with all types of franchises including: service businesses, restaurants, hotels, healthcare, real estate and more.

A custom-designed audit program is easy to set-up. With minimal franchisor effort, Coyle can construct an actionable program for your brand. ROI is easy to calculate as franchise compliance audit often reveal missed revenue opportunities.

Mystery Shopping

The process begins with an understanding of your business. What’s important to your customers? What inspires their loyalty? What differentiates your franchise from competitors?

Evaluators will visit your location and rate every aspect of the customer experience, giving you objective, detailed feedback.

Unlike competitors, Coyle covers the entire world and has since 1996.

Quality Assurance Audits

Brand standard audits and comprehensive reviews are available. Coyle’s data provides industry benchmarks and insights on best practices.

It allows you to gauge your successes and pinpoint any short-comings. Use it to perfect your operation for breakthrough results.

Brand Compliance

Your brand represents the soul of your company. It’s how you look and feel to the customer. Inconsistent brand compliance can damage your reputation or limit your growth.

We’ll evaluate each of your brand’s locations to make sure they’re upholding your standards.

Market Research

Whether it’s a quick survey to gauge customer satisfaction or a focus group to vet a new product, we’ll gather the data you need. Our straightforward analysis of the facts will illuminate the path forward.

Eliminate the guesswork. With the right market research you get actionable insights and can make decisions with confidence.

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