Healthcare Mystery Shopping

In today’s world, health matters more than ever. Coyle Hospitality Group helps all medical practices identify opportunities to improve the patient experience.

Partner with the Worldwide Leader

In today’s world, health matters more than ever. Your website, appointment process, facilities, frontline staff and medical professionals all help to engender loyalty for your practice . Coyle Hospitality Group helps medical practices, urgent care facilities and hospitals identify opportunities that will help patients continue trusting their care to you.

Mystery Shopping

The process begins with an understanding of your business. What’s important to your patients and their families? What are non-starters for them when choosing a healthcare provider? What differentiates your offerings from your competition?

Evaluators will  visit your facility and rate the patient experience.. They’ll provide detailed, objective feedback that can be used in training new staff and increasing their performance.

Quality Assurance

Compare how your facility measures up against the competition. Coyle’s data provides industry quality standards and insights on best practices. It allows you to gauge your successes and pinpoint any shortcomings. Use it to perfect your operation for breakthrough results.

Coyle Clients Consistently Get:

  • Fully customized measurement programs
  • Access to most healthcare facilities: Hospitals, Medical Groups, Urgent Care, Retail health clinics, Outpatient, Rehab, etc.
  • Referral of experienced and demographically-matched evaluators
  • Dedicated industry professionals
  • Dynamic reporting from professional evaluators and trend analysis
  • No start-up costs
  • Worldwide coverage
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