Restaurant / Bar Mystery Shopping Programs & Consulting

The world’s top performing restaurants trust Coyle for their customer service measurement, mystery shopping and brand compliance programs.

How Our Restaurant Secret Shopper Program Works

We refer the industry’s most carefully screened professional restaurant evaluators, who visit your restaurant(s), blending in perfectly.

The independent restaurant mystery shoppers measure performance based on your criteria and provide a detailed, step-by-step narrative of the experience.

Coyle’s dedicated restaurant consultants then compare this data against industry benchmarks providing restaurateurs with results that are useful, relevant and actionable.

The feedback you receive from Coyle is complete, detailed, objective and fully fact-checked.

…The carefully screened independent mystery shoppers will be there when you

Coyle Clients Consistently Get:

  • Fast and headache-free program set-up; Coyle does all the work
  • Carefully screened independent evaluators who are never repeated at your locations
  • Customized measurements that fit your brand perfectly
  • Speedy turnaround time
  • Industry Benchmarking that is easy to use and helps to set you apart from the competition
  • Simple yet powerful Action Planning that gets accountability and results

Restaurant Consulting

Start up and Repositioning Services

Opening a successful restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how–let us guide you through the process.

Repositioning consulting to help drive customer traffic and breath new life into your business.

Customer Service Training

Customized training programs for restaurants of all sizes and budgets. From executive and management training to frontline and departmental basics, Coyle develops an approach tailored to a client’s objectives.

Market Research

Whether it’s a quick survey to gauge satisfaction of a multi-unit brand or a cafe, or a focus group to vet a new menu, we’ll gather the data you need. Our straightforward research programs will illuminate the path forward.

Restaurant & Bar Mystery Shopping Products

The product that put us on the map–a narrative-rich restaurant and bar evaluation. Hybrid report merging objective and subjective feedback–the “Coyle Classic.”

Coverage: Worldwide

Fees: Starting at $75 USD per audit

Focused mystery shops that measure compliance measurement to the 20-30 “things that matter most.” Tap into your brand’s heartbeat–when a full mystery shop isn’t needed, let Coyle provide you with a report on what really matters–a focused evaluation.

Coverage: Worldwide

Fees: Starting at $35 USD per audit

Ensure all units are in compliance with all brand and operating procedures.  Used by franchisors and franchisees looking for a fast, diversified panel that can cover all corners of the globe.

Coverage: Worldwide

Fees: Starting at $35 USD per audit

Fast Casual is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. Trust Coyle to mystery shop your innovative concepts and provide actionable feedback to drive your multi-unit restaurant operations.

Coverage: Worldwide

Fees: Starting at $35 USD per audit

Cash integrity shops at restaurants and bars are a necessary activity for responsible operators.

Coverage: Worldwide

Fees: Starting at $95 USD per audit

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