Upscale Restaurant Company Wants Industry Benchmarks While Remaining Unique


A multi-national restaurant company has spent millions of dollars annually being best in class in learning and development.  They utilized this investment to be great in service and to flawlessly execute their brand to distinctive success.  They wanted to compare their performance to the rest of the industry, yet their standards were very unique in concept, wording, and execution. How could they compare their oranges to the industry apples in Coyle’s upscale restaurant database?


Coyle began the project by setting up a mystery shopping program using the client’s standards as they were written.  Coyle staff then meticulously mapped each service standard to a normative database which held data from thousands of mystery shops from upscale restaurants.

A BETA test was completed and the client was able to see preliminary results which showed how they performed to their unique standards and the industry as a whole. A few adjustments were made and Coyle designed a suite of customized reports that made it easy for the client to identify outliers.


The client receives a thorough and detailed brand quality assurance measurement that shows service deficiencies and where to deploy their training resources. They also get market intelligence which shows where they stack up in the industry and how they compete in ways that are clearly conveyed to the units in action plans.

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