Hotel Company Needs New Standards


A growing hotel company needed service standards that reflected where they were going, not where they came from. Outdated standards that no longer fit their concepts were creating pushback from management and missed opportunities were lost in the noise.


Coyle met with corporate stakeholders and was able to distill the goal into one central mission statement: Provide 5-Star Service at 3-Star Hotels.

Coyle recommended a series of 5-Star service standards that were relevant and stripped away the standards that were simply not achievable. Concierge, Bell-Staff, Check-In and PBX were completely re-purposed to reflect the way they were staffed. Turndown Service and many of the arcane standards meant for the rating services were eliminated completely.Check-inBackpack

Service Recovery was given a primary focus because the company conceded that while the facility and service would not always be perfect, the handling of guest complaints absolutely had to be.

Coyle reduced the number of measurements by over 60% and received approval that every standard now being measured was indeed achievable.


The program was deployed and management at the property level was thrilled with the simplicity; they were able to hold staff accountable to the principles of being available, friendly, and capable.  Corporate was pleased to be able to identify outliers immediately.  The top performing hotels were recognized and the staff that performed well became ‘Service Heroes’, creating a sense of healthy competition at all levels of the organization.

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