15 Questions About Your Mystery Shopping Program

1. Does your mystery shopping provider carry insurance?
2. Where does your mystery shopping provider get their shoppers?
3. Are your reports starting to look the same?
4. How often does you mystery shopping provider upgrade and tweak your program for improved results?
5. Does your mystery shopping provider send the same evaluators back time after time?
6. Does your mystery shopping provider pay your shoppers? How are they paid?
7. Is the online platform and reporting scalable and flexible?
8. Do experts perform the survey design?
9. Is the online platform mobile? Truly mobile?
10. Does your mystery shopping provider understand your customers?
11. Does your mystery shopping provider really get that you are their customer? Do they really get you?
12. Is their customer support 7-days a week?
13. What happens if there are scoring issues or a bad shopper?
14. Are you getting nickel and dimed?
15. Does your mystery shopping provider share your long-term goals?

If you are dissatisfied your mystery shopping program or want to see what top brands use, contact us today. We are happy to answer each and every question clearly and honestly — like we have for close to 20 years.

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