2010 Trends: Hotels & Spas

The internet is awash with 2010 trend reports so I want to make a nod to two of my favorites.  In Andrew Freeman’s hospitality trends he mentions several trends concerning giving the guest that little extra something that brings them in or brings them back:

•    Bringing in celebrities in the field for a special night

  • Personalizing hotel rooms based on guest information

•    Offering special guest experiences (outings, lobby parties, reality show like competitions, etc.)
I love that in this article Andrew not only mentions each trend but provides current examples of how they are being used to show practical applications.  We have read in several GuestIQ articles that loyalty is being won not by meeting guest’s expectations but by exceeding them.

Spa Finder also announced their 2010 trends list in a webinar earlier this week.  It was interesting to me that guests are now looking for membership programs even from luxury spas.  And in our contradictory world guests are looking for quiet and stillness at the spa but they are also starting to use spas for celebrating more with friends and family.

These trends give us ideas of what guests may be looking for in 2010 but it is also important to keep our minds open for the next big thing that no one could have predicted.

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