Coyle Presents Online Quarterly Reports

Coyle Hospitality Group—a market leader in designing and implementing mystery shopping programs, quality assurance consulting, and market research services exclusively to hospitality companies worldwide—introduces its newly automated system for distributing Coyle Quarterly Reports. Now, clients can access their custom-made quarterly reports online with the click of a button.

October 10, 2011

(New York, NY) Coyle Hospitality Group is pleased to announce the launch of its automated system for delivering its hospitality clients reliable and actionable data based upon their mystery shopping programs. This new method provides clients with instant access to their personalized quarterly reports online, anytime. Gathering and analyzing quality assurance data helps the decision-making process for sure, but turning that data into actionable, accountable, and sustainable programs is the differentiator for top hotels, restaurants, spas, and cruise lines worldwide.

As always, Coyle’s clients were central to the innovation.  “We listened carefully to what our clients wanted to achieve and began building models for their use,” said Haley Bane, Director of Operations.  “Once the feedback came in, best practices were evident, and we customized the technology accordingly.”  And like their clients who operate seven days a week, Coyle’s support team is available on the same schedule.

Coyle Quarterly Reports include:

  • Overall fulfillment: This provides an instant ranking of locations with immediately identifiable trends.
  • Performance by department: Drill down to the positive and negative outliers in seconds.
  • Top/Bottom performers year-to-date: Easily see who the best practitioners are, and find out who needs more development and coaching.
  • Excepted standards: Eliminating repeat mistakes is what separates great businesses from good ones. Use these to easily identify the actual behaviors you want to change.
  • Homeruns and Strikeouts: View these ‘Moments of Truth’, spelled out in vivid detail.
  • Lowest complying standards: These are the foundation of a relevant and successful action plan.

For more information regarding Coyle’s automated quarterly reporting or other mystery shopping programs, please contact us at 212-629-2083 ext. 106 or request information online.

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