Do-It-Yourself Dining at the Grand Hyatt

This NY Times article describes another way a hotel has altered their guest experience.  The Market is a food venue at the Grand Hyatt New York with a grab-and-go concept.  It is connected to the lobby of the hotel, set to attract commuters and other foot traffic in addition to in-house guests.

The article mentions that the grab-and-go concept is unusual as an F&B option for luxury hotels and is more popular for limited-service chains.  With The Market, Hyatt hopes to meet the needs of guests who do not want to wait for a meal to be delivered and would have left the hotel and gone to Starbucks for a quick meal.  The Market is meant to supplement room service, which will still be 24 hours.

Although the grab-and-go concept was common at the limited-service chains popular among budget and business travelers, perhaps it is the sign of the times that it has moved to the Grand Hyatt New York, though slightly upgraded.  However, the Grand Hyatt New York has 1,311 rooms.  With such a large hotel, it is bound to host a variety of people and groups, not just the “luxury” guest.  Other large hotels, such as casinos or resorts, have had grab-and-go options, even the luxury ones.

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