Don’t let this happen at your Spa

What do your guests want? Well, let’s ask them.

Coyle asks thousands of respondents a month to rate their hospitality experiences on a scale of 0-10. We then ask them to explain their score. The number they select, coupled with the explanation they give is considered by many to be the best way to gauge customer satisfaction. This simple and straightforward methodology is widely adopted by many leading companies as a growth indicator and is detailed in a book by Fred Reichhelf called “The Ultimate Question”.

Today, we will take a look at what caused the respondents to give particularly low scores to their most recent spa experience. I thought I would share with you ten comments that struck me as both indicative and useful. Note: some comments were edited in an effort to conserve space.

1. Unfortunately, they were running 20 minutes late. I had an event and ended up being late.

2. The client room I entered was tiny and cluttered, which made it difficult to undress.

3. The massage that was pre-paid for my birthday only lasted 40 minutes when the gift was for a 60 minute massage.

4. The sauna was quite far from the massage room so the experience felt quite disjointed.

5. The ambience was marginal, with noisy massage rooms and very basic linens and products.

6. I have very sensitive skin and a cleansing facial brush should not have been used especially with strong pressure.

7. The therapist had arrived late for work was obviously in a bad mood. The massage was a bit rough and equal time was not spent on each area.

8. My friend and I were supposed to have our treatments performed together. Instead, they changed our reservation without our knowledge so that we were separated.

9. The Esthetician complained about the working conditions at the spa.

10. The treatment started 5 minutes late and the massage therapist did not bother to make the time up at the end in fact she finishing a few minutes early.

Tip: Make sure if you provide a 50min hands-on massage that this is made clear to your clients before they enter the massage room.

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