Evaluating Outsourced Hotel Departments

In the hospitality world, it is common for the guest experience to fall under the responsibility of multiple management companies, such as a hotel with a restaurant, spa or reservations call center managed by a different company. When this happens, guests do not make a distinction between the hotel and the outlet; they just expect it to be great, as they do the rest of the hotel.

Many hospitality companies struggle with whether they should or should not evaluate quality in these outsourced ‘departments’.  From the guest perspective, the answer is a definitive ‘yes’.  Many times, mystery shopping scores trigger incentives or other performance measurements for the management team.  With a lack of control over the outsourced departments, GM’s may fight to have these outlets omitted from quality assurance evaluations and hotel mystery shopping reports.

What does Coyle do to solve this dilemma?  By referring professional evaluators and using their reports to score the outsourced departments, yet suppressing the scores from the overall, the feedback can still be objectively delivered to the partner without disturbing the peace with the hotel GM.  A simple resolve, but one that Coyle clients adopt all the time, for clients to get the best of both worlds.

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