Five Tips to Become a Great Mystery Shopper

Do you want to take your mystery shopping skills to the next level, and have more fun while you are doing it? Here are five tips from the hospitality experts at Coyle on what to keep in mind when conducting mystery shops:

  1. Always Be Prepared. Before your mystery shopping evaluation, setting aside a little time to go over a few things can make all the difference. Every mystery shopping evaluation is different, so reviewing the instructions, the standards that you will fill out, and the details of the assignment will help you to feel confident and prepared to do the best job you can.
  2. Do Your Research. Take just a few minutes to check out the website for the location you will be visiting. Understanding the concept and feel of the establishment will help you to know what they are looking for. The more you know about the location going in, the more complete your mystery shopping evaluation will be, and the fewer questions you will have to answer afterwards.
  3. Have a Plan. There is of course a lot of information and attention to detail that goes into conducting a great mystery shopping evaluation. Before you embark on your visit, have a good plan in place for how you will process it all. Will you be visiting with a guest? If so, how can he/she help you out? Having the confidence in knowing how you will go about your evaluation beforehand will lead to a more comprehensive report, and will allow you to also enjoy the process all the more.
  4. Keep it Fun. Finding an assignment that is right for you is key. Think about the style and types of places that you enjoy and feel comfortable at. If you can keep this in mind, the quality of your mystery shopping evaluation will shine through. Be patient and keep an open mind. New evaluations are posted often, so check the assignment board frequently and consistently to make sure you do not miss out on any opportunities. Selecting the right assignment will keep mystery shopping fun, for both you and your guest!
  5. Gather Feedback. We all learn through experience and keeping an open mind. Let Coyle know how your experience was, and positively absorb anything that we can offer to help your next mystery shopping evaluation be even better than the last one was. The best mystery shoppers conduct evaluations every month and are always looking to improve their score and portfolio.

Keep these five things in mind, and you will take your mystery shopping evaluations from good to GREAT! Follow these tips and improve your chances to dine at four-star restaurants, stay at luxury hotels, and travel around the world in premier cruise lines.

And of course, always remember to have fun!

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