5 Ways to Differentiate Your Dispensary

In the beginning stages of cannabis industry growth, it wasn’t so hard to stand out from the crowd. Often, your dispensary was the only one IN the crowd at all. But as legalization expands and new cannabis companies are offering the same services and products as you are – it’s time to differentiate your storefront versus the competition in the area. 

But how? Offering unique perks and incorporating nationwide trends can keep you ahead of the curve. To help, we’ve compiled the top six ways dispensaries across the nation are differentiating themselves from competitors. So, get ready to level up your custom offerings to elevate your position in the growing market. 

#1 – The More Products, The Better

One of our trends for the industry as a whole was the explosion of new product types, and a consumer demand to try them. If a consumer is on the search for these products – where will they go to find them? Ensuring your dispensary is on top of the latest product goods is one simple supply decision that has a big impact on standing out from the competition in your area. 

#2 – Sustainable Goods 

Organic lifestyles and a focus on sustainability is a global initiative that’s now infiltrating the cannabis markets, too. Many consumers who use marijuana share these passions, and are hip to choosing brands or companies that put a highlight on the issues at hand. Shelving organically-grown, clean or natural products is one way to differentiate your dispensary from others in the area. Especially in the eyes of the consumer who is shopping with these initiatives in mind. 

#3 – Social Initiatives 

Another trend that’s hitting dispensaries and cannabis manufacturers alike, is specialized products designed for worldwide initiatives. Like the rise of specialized LGBTQ+ products that were especially popular in the last two years. Staying on top of worldwide trends and social initiative ‘awareness’ months will help connect your dispensary to worldwide causes and set you apart from others who aren’t.

#4 – Community Relations 

Now more than ever, marijuana dispensaries are coming out of the shadows with a spotlight on local communities. This includes becoming directly involved in local initiatives in the areas where they conduct business, and supporting community causes as a new ‘face in the industry.’ Community relation initiatives are not only critical for diminishing stigmas, but can help draw potential consumers through the door.

#5 – Dank Deliveries 

Convenience is key for a growing number of consumers, with fast-paced lifestyles and similar self-serve or delivery services being offered for essential goods. With marijuana being just as essential, that same level of ease can help your dispensary easily stand out from the rest. 

The steady trend of cannabis dispensary delivery has been growing for quite some time, with 2020 only propelling the need further.

A Hit Above The Rest 

With the information you’ve now gained to best differentiate your marijuana dispensary in today’s cannabis industry, the question again is – how? Bringing in a third-party consultant to streamline consumer processes and experience is another trend that’s on the rise across the industry. 

Coyle has a proven record of improving hospitality and guest services for the likes of MedMen, Cookies and Medcare. Not to mention, other influential brands outside the industry like Marriott, Delta Airlines, Carnival Cruises, Universal Studios and others. There’s no shame in anyone’s game by not having the time to commit to delivering top-notch services in each and every category you serve. So hire a helping hand – contact Coyle, today.

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