Fortune 500 Companies Using Social Media to Reach Customers

Utilizing online media sites to promote brand awareness seems obvious by now. As Monica Ginsburg shows in this Crain’s article, there is methodology to marketing your brand successfully. She cites research company Gartner Inc.’s claim that 60% of Fortune 1000 companies with a web site will host an online community.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter are surprisingly effective, as they build consumer loyalty and even bring in new demographics. Last year, United Airlines used Twitter to offer exclusive fares for subscribers. The fares sold out in seconds. In 2008, Kraft launched an application for the iPhone to help consumers locate their products. The company found their new presence had an interesting result: 22% were men, which was higher than expected, and 99% were first-time users of a Kraft web-based tool.

Of course, success rates are not always high. In fact, 50% who utilize media sites will fail in their goal, which can ultimately cripple the company’s value. For instance, Jim Schreiber, 24, has been using Twitter and Facebook to promote his new tea company, but has found little success with these sites since his company’s launch. Online marketers report that the companies that have not found success with these online tools have “jumped in without a clear idea of what they’re trying to achieve.” Simply put: successful marketing takes time. The following are some ways to utilize media outlets to your advantage:

  • Register your brand name on as many social media sites as possible.
  • Generate compelling content.
  • Post regularly and frequently.
  • Hold the sales pitch.

More importantly, what media sites have to offer is direct interaction with the consumer. Twitter and Facebook allow your target demographic to offer feedback instantly, which your company can use to improve your product or service. This aspect of marketing in the digital age creates a more personalized relationship between you and your customer, increasing the quality of guest service.

For more insight, check out Carri B’s post in the comments to the article. She responds to why Mr. Schreiber’s business venture has found little success from online media.

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