Giving Your Guests an Earful

Travel and Leisure writer Peter Jon Lindberg goes on what can only be called a rant about music that is played in public areas of hotels, restaurants, spas, and airports. Interestingly, he mentioned ‘Lady in Red’ which in fact ruined an experience for me once. I not only hate that song, but once heard, it sticks in your brain for hours.

A couple of funny takes: Lindberg talks about which artists, if judged solely by the airtime they receive in lobbies would be considered the most important of our generation. Hint: It isn’t Michael Jackson, Dylan, or Gershwin.

Seriously though, the lengthy article has some good points about how many hospitality businesses abuse the guest experience with insipid, or even offensive, background music; and as the author points out, there is a LOT of it.  Porte Cochere, Lobby, Elevator, Guestroom, and softly playing music awaiting you in the guest room offers the guest an opportunity to hear side-one of Yanni’s ‘Tribute’ in its entirety before taking off their coat.

One important point the author missed:  Sure, guests have it bad enough and I guess they deserve special attention because they underwrite the whole shebang, but what about the poor employees who not only suffer lousy music, but have to endure the same loops over and over again? My first job at a hotel working long hours included not only sore feet and an ill-fitting uniform, but also a music selection that repeated after about 30 songs.  Even today, if I hear ‘Captain of My Heart’ I have to take immediate steps to be sure I don’t slip into a coma.

Read the travel and leisure article here.

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