Great Customer Service Quotes

Inspiration for pre-meal meetings. Great chalkboard fodder. A fantastic dash of spicy sauce for an meeting or conference call.

I am talking about great customer service quotes. Sure, standalone they are flavors du jour, bromides or yet another pious shout-out from someone who shouts stuff like this out all the time.

However, when used deftly, they almost always make your team stop and listen for a moment and then they use the next few moments to think. If you are lucky it all ends in an idea exchange. Listening is the cornerstone of great customer service, so if nothing else, you practice some customer service skill-building.

An article in Forbes rolls up 40 Eye-Opening Customer Service Quotes.

Many of these quotes you already know and others are just meaningless blather. That said, I did not expect my favorite of the bunch to come from an NFL quarterback.

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. “
-Roger Staubach

Do you have a great customer service quote or inspiring story to share?

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