I Want My TIVO

I was recently speaking with a resort manager about the need for large flat screen televisions in each room to meet guest’s expectations regardless of how little time they will probably spend in front of it.  Katie Ho also commented in GuestIQ on the need for increased technology back in November based on this article in HotelNewsNow.com and the increased expense to hotel operators.

The saga continues this with the need not only for a new flat-screen, high-definition TV but for improved picture quality.  Gary Stoller reports in this USA Today article that the culprit is the lack of upgrades on receivers that transmit the signals to guest’s rooms.  This is an expensive fix but some hotel chains are taking the plunge.

TV technology is very important to your average guest, and it is causing some guests to take matters into their own hands.  Guest’s can now bring devices that allow them to watch channels on their home TV, recorded shows from their laptop, and DVD’s.  As long as hotel guests believe the latest TV technology is a necessity at home, they are going to expect it at the hotels that may be their home away from home.

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