Kids’ menus? Oh grow up!

This Boston Globe article mentions that even though the trend of nutritionally balanced kids’ dishes was ranked Number 4 in the National Restaurant Association’s hot trends for 2009, restaurants often just serve the typical kid’s menu with chicken fingers and mac and cheese.

It mentions that fruit/vegetables usually are not on the kids’ menu too, even though the NRA says that Fruit/Vegetable children’s side items are Number 6 in the hot trends for 2009.

The article suggests that kid’s crave more than just their kids’ menu items.  They may want sushi, pho, fajitas, or dumplings.  They find the typical kids’ menus boring.

The article offers two suggestions to boost the kids’ guest experience.  It mentions that kids want colorful food and suggests that restaurants use a red apple rather than fries.  It also suggests that the kids’ menu as just a smaller portion of the adult menu.

Read the Boston Globe article here.

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