Recipe for success: Credit crunch put focus back on customer says Chef Gordon Ramsay.

This article from Canwest News Service reports on and interview with Gordon Ramsay who has an interesting perspective on customer needs in this economy.  Ramsay emphasizes that a restaurant is not for chefs it is for customers and needs to reflect the region.  “Customers don’t want to see half the menu laced with awful truffle foie gras and ragout beef,” Ramsay states.

He says that for a restaurant to succeed in this economy customers need to feel comfortable and prices need to come down so they can visit regularly and not just for special occasions.  Suggestions by Ramsay: one/two-course specials, wines by the glass, avoid supplements, and prepare food that is in season.  This final suggestion also ties into the locovore trend and customers seeking green businesses, which we have been discussing in GuestIQ.  I don’t think any of this information is revolutionary, but it is a good reminder to be flexible as situations change.

Read the article here.

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