Setting Standards at the Start

Although Coyle Hospitality’s reports often measure the guest experience, Coyle also plays a significant role in helping operators develop the standards necessary to improve that guest experience.  For most businesses – be they restaurants, hotels, spas or bars – developing and setting standards is a crucial, but complicated, task.  Setting the right standards requires analyzing current processes, having a vision for where things should be headed and creating realistic goals for key players along the way.  This is where Coyle steps in.

Clients, whether veterans or not-yet-opened establishments, are able to tap into Coyle’s wealth of prior experience when developing standards.  Coyle can easily sort through its vast database to review the standards that align best with a client’s vision – and this can be done for businesses that are still in the formation stage.  For instance, Coyle recently developed standards for a new (as yet  unopened) location, building the road to consistent service from the very beginning.  Success is in the details, and establishing an early benchmark for those details will be invaluable.

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