Stay Somewhere Different

In the search for new experiences guests will soon have a few new hotels available.  Two new entirely underwater hotels, one in Fiji and one in Dubai will soon join the Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida and the Huvafen Fushi Resort in the Maldives.

The Travel Channel has regular programming on unusual hotels: Ice Hotels, Monastery Hotels, Underground hotels.  So what is the appeal?   I think it is twofold.  First these hotels offer an experience you won’t get at another hotel.  They are a destination in themselves.  But I think as important is the anticipation of this experience.

I discussed the importance of anticipation for travel in a recent post and most travelers reported that they are happier before their vacation than they are after the vacation experience.  The story behind an unusual hotel is clear and leads to anticipation for the unique experience.

Other hotels work to create this story as well and the feeling that the stay will be unique.  I think of Joie De Vivre and Kimpton Hotels who present a story with each hotel and have led me to seek out each one to see how it is different and unique.  I am excited to go to their website and put myself into the story that they have created for each hotel.

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