The A La Carte Hotel Evaluation

While Coyle’s mystery shopping programs extend to referring secret shoppers to evaluate entire hotels, the company has often received requests for evaluators to evaluate specific outlets at certain hotels, rather than the entire property. How has Coyle accommodated these requests?

Coyle designs a customized evaluation program that specifically targets the requested F&B, activities or excursion outlets. The program targets the key focus areas and attributes, and Coyle refers independent mystery shoppers to evaluate only these areas.  In this way, it can laser-point a mystery shopping program to target exactly what the client needs to evaluate.  Not surprisingly,  these “a la carte” hotel evaluations are often requested by resort locations, since these properties often have a wide variety of outlets and may want to focus on specific aspects of certain outlets only.  For instance, cash handling is often a hot button issue both at the hotel’s own locations and at their third-party partner outlets.

Coyle’s mystery shopping programs can provide these resorts with a closer look into the specific issues most relevant to them, thus streamlining the secret shopper approach to best fit their needs.

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