Bulgarian Wonders

Bulgaria has developed a crowd-sourced list of its top ten wonders, as determined by the people of the republic.

Bordered by Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, the EU member nation Republic of Bulgaria has an inland capital city of Sofia. Still developing toward a more mature tourism destination, Bulgaria focuses on certain natural, physical and cultural selling points to attract tourism from beyond its borders.

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Bulgaria Builds Tourism Around Ten Wonders

bulgariaTourism-related themes being developed revolve around outdoor pursuits along the Danube River and the western Black Sea coastline; handicrafts such as carpet making and wine making; outdoor acitivites such as golf, skiing, mineral waters; UNESCO world heritage sites of interest.

When, in 2010, a surprise discovery of the relics of St. John the Baptist was made on a Bulgarian island, word spread quickly and widely. Following the find on Sozopol island, a national effort was introduced to identify ten natural wonders of Bulgaria. Results of the public internet voting were released the following year and Bulgaria launched its newest tourism promotion around the crowd-sourced highlights. The remains of St. John the Baptist attracted thousands of pilgrims whilst on display at the temple-monument St. Al Nevski in Sofia, and were ultimately returned to St. Cyril and St. Methodius temple in the seaside town where they are considered the top wonder of Bulgaria.

Among the other top ten wonders are medieval ruins, a monastery within the National Park at Rila, fortresses, Roman ruins, natural rock formations and ancient archeological sites.

With about five million visitors growing annually in 2013 at a rate of about 6 percent increase year-on-year Bulgarian hotels, restaurants, transport are working on an expanding and improved infrastructure in support of their burgeoning tourism industry. Coyle Hospitality is poised to assist Bulgaria tourism, the hospitality industry, restaurants, hotels, and attractions as they build and develop their international tourism strategies.

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