Hotel Company Leverages Technology for Improved Quality Assurance at Lower Cost


A leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of more than a dozen premier brands and more than 750 properties in more than 55 countries across six continents.


Design a cost-effective program to audit full-service hotels located in more than 50 countries.


Coyle Hospitality was asked to help a client design a program to conduct in-depth assessments of individual hotels.

The audits were to be unannounced and conducted by independent evaluators drawn from Coyle’s panel of over 35,000 evaluators. Coyle was to ensure the authenticity of the auditors’ experience. Each hotel was to be assessed on over 1,500 data points.

Mobile audit software

The auditors utilized Coyle Hospitality’s mobile technology to conduct and document their audits rapidly capturing data in real time which leaves them more time

to observe and evaluate more items. Their audits included detailed findings on highly specific standards and specifications like the labels on linens and the size of the TVs; scoring on hundreds of attributes; insightful comments and numerous photos to support the client’s effort to monitor consistency.

All data was sent back to Coyle Hospitality’s brand-fluent team, which validated all scoring and information from the auditors. Validators were trained directly by client staff, so they knew the client’s audit objectives.

“The client’s properties range from brand new to 50-plus years old so it was important to the client to reaffirm each property’s compliance to the brand standards,” explained Jeff Gurtman, Managing Director of Coyle Hospitality. “One of the reasons the client works with us is that we offer value. In addition to helping the client design highly detailed audit programs that produce actionable insights, we’re able to keep costs down by minimizing any travel-related costs through our global panel of independent auditors. The auditors can cost-effectively visit and evaluate all full-service hotels at least once per year.”


All of the data gathered by the independent auditors and validated by Coyle Hospitality’s brand-fluent team is uploaded to our server where the client has real-time access to the information and can immediately begin using it to improve the guest experience.

Travel-related costs and the overall cost to administer the program decreased significantly compared its previous QA vendor resulting in less pushback from the field and greater confidence in the overall process.

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