Spa Company Wants to Score Well With Major Rating Services


A luxury spa company wanted to make sure they were prepared for the unannounced inspections they got each year from one of the major rating services.  A few competitors in very high profile markets were receiving publicity for their high ratings and the client wanted to focus on achieving the highest results.  Still, they wanted the measurements to remain true to their current culture.  They made it clear that they did not want to “chase the rating services”.


Coyle began with a detailed collaboration with the client and it was agreed that the real objective was the following: show the areas where the spa was deficient in receiving the rating service’s highest score. This was a crucial step because it clearly articulated to all stakeholders that consistent compliance to the company’s brand standards remained the most important goal.

Coyle reviewed the spa company’s brand standards and identified the areas where there were overlaps and gaps between them and the ratings services’ standards.  Measurements were added and the entire set of standards was re-mapped in the database to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

A series of spa mystery shops were completed by independent professional evaluators and KPI analysis was completed. Coyle created custom-reporting for clients and was able to show the spas service behaviors that were most at risk. High and low performers were compared objectively.


The spa client was able to focus on getting higher scores with the rating services but did so without undermining or diminishing their successful spa brand initiatives. Instead of tables and graphs, they learned at a very granular level what service behaviors were needed and made informed decisions about ROI.

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