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Why do the best customer experience companies in the world like Daniel Boulud, Jean Georges, Denihan Hospitality, Mandarin Oriental and others use Coyle?

Because Coyle’s panel of meticulously screened professional evaluators are already their customers.

Coyle has been providing mystery shopping and custom research to New York City since 1996 to a select group of companies that truly care about customer service. Evaluators blend in perfectly and provide crucial customer experience feedback while verifying our clients’ compliance to their brand measures.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping with Coyle:

  • Immediate set-up, start and turnaround times
  • Mystery shopping programs custom-built for you
  • Competitive Set Industry Benchmarking
  • Evaluations that objectively capture the entire customer experience
  • Meticulous Evaluator Selection

NYC companies also take advantage of Coyle’s unique custom market research capabilities for:

  • Proof of concept testing and feedback
  • Brand Initiative Compliance and Feedback
  • Field Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Intercepts

Meticulous Panel Selection and Deployment

Coyle is the most desired mystery shopping company to work with amongst the worldwide network of over 500,000 professional evaluators. Coyle is one of the only companies that pre-screens applicants. We then hand-pick only those who fit an upscale demographic with robust discretionary spending. This allows Coyle to match clients with evaluators that fit the client’s customer profile and target demographic. The result is thoroughly candid and relevant customer feedback teed-up for easy decision making and actionable results.

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