Erin B.

Boston Evaluator – Erin B.

Erin moved to the Boston area over two years ago to attend graduate school. With friends all over the country, she enjoys traveling frequently to visit them (usually to major cities on the East Coast). Her trips always include a hospitality mission–one where she and her friends are on the prowl for new restaurants to try. Additionally, Erin often attends conferences in different regions of Canada as a part of her PhD program. Thus, she has spent many evenings in upscale hotels and restaurants. When at home, she and her roommates have a “no cooking on Fridays” rule which allows them to explore the dining scenes of Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston. A true foodie, Erin’s favorite college course was entitled “Food for Thought” and involved food tastings, culinary best practices, and food writing. A current psychology graduate student, Erin has a keen understanding of human behavior, is very observant, and pays close attention to detail. Her favorite Boston restaurant is Dali due to its quirky, fun atmosphere, vegetarian dishes, and friendly, attentive staff.

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