Erin L.

Portland Evaluator – Erin L.

Erin has lived all over North America–from Chicago to Dallas, Minnesota to Vancouver.  Her love of F&B began when she waitressed and bartended in college–while earning a B.A. in studio art–and in graduate school–while getting an M.Arch. in architecture.  She has been settled in Portland for over 15 years where she currently works for an architecture firm.  During her career, Erin has worked on hotel projects, further fueling her passion for hospitality.  Erin loves unique, gourmet meals, often trying to recreate them herself.  She does, however, prefer the restaurant experience and values sincere and friendly service wherever she dines.  As an architect, Erin zones into minute details and is very observant.  Her favorite restaurant is Altitude at Resort at the Mountain due to its exquisite mountain setting, delightful dishes, and superb dedication to service.

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