Get a Bar Mystery Shopper Evaluation for Your Business

No matter the kind of bar you run, it’s vital to your success to get a bar mystery shopper evaluation from Coyle Hospitality Group.

Like all businesses that make up the hospitality industry, bars need quality benchmarking and mystery shopping services to ensure an ideal performance. Coyle works with all kinds of bars – from standalone and restaurant bars to the bars found in hotels – by developing specific, customized measurement programs that truly get results.

A Mystery Shopper Evaluation Bar Owners Can Utilize

From a panel of carefully screened, professional bar evaluators, we will measure performance based on your own specific criteria, providing a detailed, step-by-step narrative of the experience and pinpointing areas of concern.

Our resulting feedback will be complete, detailed, objective and fully fact-checked, and as a Coyle client, you are also guaranteed to get:

  • An immediate set-up and fast turnaround time
  • Customized measurements to perfectly fit your business
  • Specific industry benchmarking that is relevant and actionable, helping you to truly set your bar apart from the competition
  • A focus on accountability and more

Use Coyle’s Services for Your Business Today

With a full bar mystery shopper evaluation from Coyle at your disposal, your business will operate at the highest level, thanks to improved facilities, operations, bartender sales habits and more.

Coyle works with all kinds of clients, including small, large, independent and branded companies, but all share the same commitment to the customer and a desire to get better in every way.

To learn more about our bar mystery shopper evaluation services, be sure to contact us today.

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