10 Great Products from IHMRS

For those who didn’t have a chance to attend the 2010 International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show (IHMRS) in New York, Coyle offers a roundup of some of the innovative offerings presented on the show floor.

MyStayManager: Micros Systems Inc.  was on hand at IHMRS demonstrating this mobile smartphone application that allows guests to create reservations, check-in and self-manage details of their stay through a handheld device.  The app works with iPhones, and would allow phones to unlock room doors, as well.  According to a company spokesperson, Peninsula Hotels is currently using the application, though does not use the room key option. www.micros.com

Fargomogo Hotel Tech Support Cards: How many business travelers with technological breakdowns can’t get the help they need, when they need it? Fargomogo is marketing its Tech Support Card (a programmed credit card) that would allow hotel guests to get any kind of IT support – from help with mobile devices and laptop computers to file systems and network issues, 24 hours a day. Hotels can cover their guests’ tech support issues for a fraction of the cost of having an on-property support staff, claims the company, which offers per room monthly rates and whole property discounts.  www.fargomogo.com

Wine Shield:  This refreshingly simple product prolongs the shelf life of an open bottle of wine for up to five days.  Composed of FDA-approved food grade materials, the small, clear, flexible disc is inserted into the bottle, settling into a protective skin over the liquid inside.  There’s no effect to taste, and discs are disposed with the bottle.  Available in various package sizes. www.winepreserva.com

Orion by Vingcard Elsafe: This energy management solution enables hotels to adjust the guestroom temperature remotely from a central location. The product offers a way to reduce energy costs as guests enter and check out of guestrooms. www.orionbyvingcardelsafe.com

Expand-A-Grip Covers: This fitted cover by Valley Forge Fabrics stretches in two different directions, making it easier to install over a mattress and/or box spring than typical covers. The fitted girdle technology also prevents shifting of the cover. www.valleyforge.com

Travel Tot Childproofing Kit: Another simple solution that will make family travelers happy, the Travel Tot Travel Childproofing Kit is a collection of 33 items for childproofing a hotel room, attractively packaged in a miniature suitcase.  Items include safety products like finger pinch guards and cabinet locks, as well as health items, such as a forehead thermometer.  Hotels can purchase the kits in bulk to provide to their tot-toting guests.  www.travel-tot.com

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer: This sleekly designed hand dryer on display at IHMRS is activated by inserting the hands (no buttons), and contains a HEPA filter that removes 99% of bacteria in the air that’s used to dry hands. The company claims it costs up to 80% less to run than warm air hand dryers, dries hands in 12 seconds and is more hygienic because it cleans the air before blowing it onto hands. www.theyesexperience.com

Tempstations CoolStation:  The sleek, low-maintenance Coolstation Tray is a visually appealing option for displaying cold items such as sushi, fruit and deli meats, offering a cost-saving alternative to ice.  The black plastic tray has an anodized aluminum surface with insulated cooling lines that circulate food-grade glycol through its modules. www.tempstations.com

Dolphin Wave 2X2 Gyro Pool Cleaner: The latest in Dolphin’s line of commercial robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin Wave 2X2  services a wider range of pool sizes than the company’s other products (recommended for commercial pools ranging from 82 to 196 feet in length).  It has a wireless remote for touch-guided navigation and a delayed start option. www.maytronicsus.com

PeeperStopper: Security is always an issue, and this small company came up with a simple solution to one concern.  The PeeperStopper is an easy-to-install peephole cover for interior hotel doors, that covers the peephole to prevent spying from the outside.  A sliding option allows guests to look out through the peephole at their discretion.  It takes less than two minutes to install, and is available in a variety of custom colors. www.peeperstopper.com

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