Why Brands Must Own Their Own Data

I’ve said it many times on sales pitches, “Coyle would love to be your QA provider for years to come, but we want you to have the ability to change providers should your situation change.” That may seem like an odd sales tactic and counter-intuitive thing to say while trying to woo a new client.  But, it’s the truth.

Coyle has never been a company that ensnares clients into schemes just to keep them.  Creating stickiness is one thing, but keeping your clients happy, ensuring you are consistently delivering value and maintaining strong relationships is the key to building long-lasting loyalty. We never want clients to feel ‘stuck’.

Nowadays, more than ever, brands must insist they own their own data.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but we just won a piece of business from a competitor who refused to port historical data to us. The competitor used the excuse that it was proprietary and had provisions to lock it up.  This is just wrong.

Years ago, QA providers relied on proprietary data tools to keep clients in their clutches.  At that time, data systems were complex, custom beasts that required specialized skills to build and maintain.  Today, off-the-shelf, cloud-based business intelligence tools make it easy for small and medium-sized companies to own and configure their own BI suite. All of our clients own their data and have forever. Here’s why:

  • Cloud-based BI tools are cheaper, safer, and highly secure (if a client doesn’t have their own data tool, we provide one to use)
  • Clients learn more about a brand’s quality when QA data is positioned alongside HR and financial information.
  • BI tools are easier to use and maintain than ever before—organization have the ability to streamline operations and eliminate laggard legacy systems.
  • Company data is just like personal data—brands must control it.

Do your brand a favor, own your own QA data and rest easy knowing that you control your own destiny.

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