Karin B.

Tucson Evaluator – Karin B.

Karin has led a unique life made up of a lot of travel, allowing her to gain a worldly perspective. Born and raised in Germany, she headed over to the United States to work as a sales manager for an international transportation company at the age of 26. She lived in several US cities, traveling back to Germany often for business. During this time, she spent many evenings in luxury hotels and fine-dining restaurants, entertaining clients and fueling her passion for hospitality. Once retired, she and her husband spent six years traveling the country in an RV—and visiting plenty of restaurants—before settling in Tucson four years ago. Born to a family of brewers, her ‘foodie’ tendencies began at a young age. She enjoys the dining experience so much that she likes to reenact it in her home, creating multiple course meals with perfect wine pairings for her friends and family. Karin never misses a detail and knows a thing or two about great service. For Karin, the kitchen—like a seat in a fantastic restaurant—is a place of great relaxation.

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