Kristen F.

San Francisco Evaluator – Kristen F.

Kristen has been a San Francisco-area resident for most of her life, leaving only to attend college in Los Angeles. Settled there now for over 28 years, Kristen works as a high school English and American sign-language teacher. No matter where she has lived, she has always been an avid traveler, specifically exploring Europe, Asia, and India over the past 15 years. As a teacher, her schedule enables her to spend summers abroad and evenings dining out in San Francisco’s top restaurants. Her passion for travel is shared by her family and friends, many of whom live outside of the United States. Kristen has worked in the front desk, concierge, and activities departments of a hotel in California, so she understands the hospitality industry from both a guest’s and an employee’s perspective and views situations in a unique, worldly, objective manner. In addition, the teacher inside makes Kristen a great story-teller—when she describes a restaurant experience, you can see, smell, hear, and taste it all as if you were there.

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