Lindsey C.

Denver Evaluator – Lindsey C.

Lindsey was born and raised in Wisconsin before she moved to Boston to attend college. From there, she studied abroad for a year in Padova, Italy and traveled across Europe. Since then, she has moved to rural North Carolina to teach, spent months in Morocco as part of the Peace Corps, lived in San Francisco to work in a restaurant for half a year, and then spent three years in Africa. Lindsey finally settled down in Denver where has lived for four years. As a well-seasoned traveler, Lindsey has spent a lot of time in restaurants and hotels around the globe. And with a degree in psychology, Lindsey  is incredibly observant of human interactions. Throughout her travels, Lindsey has learned that a fancy setting is not synonymous with good food, just as great food can be easily overshadowed by poor service. She now enjoys success as an administrative assistant and grant coordinator for a non-profit organization thanks to her writing ability, caring nature, and her attention to detail.

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