Fast Casual Restaurant Mystery Shopping Programs

Fast Casual is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. Trust Coyle to mystery shop your innovative concepts and provide actionable feedback to drive your multi-unit restaurant operations.

How Our Fast Casual Secret Shopper Program Works…

We get that you see the restaurant world a bit different;  you are an innovator who is part of the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry.   Coyle provides fast casual multi-unit operators with the world’s most carefully screened professional restaurant evaluators, who visit your restaurants, blending in perfectly.

The independent restaurant mystery shoppers measure performance based on your criteria and provide a detailed, relevant feedback of the experience. Of course our programs measure cleanliness, condition and quality, but perhaps more importantly, Coyle programs tell you what is and isn’t resonating with customers — plain and simple.

The feedback you receive from Coyle is complete, detailed, objective and fully fact-checked.

…The carefully screened independent mystery shoppers will be there when you cannot.

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