Penny S.

Miami Evaluator – Penny S.

Born in Boston and now a Miami-area resident for over 4 years, Penny is a hospitality industry specialist. Penny began working in restaurants in college and has since been a cocktail server, waitress, bartender, banquet worker, and manager. Now, as a software consultant, Penny is a seasoned traveler, patronizing upscale hotels and restaurants on a regular basis. Her job has sharpened her analytic brain and her ability to get a point across clearly and succintly. Penny’s favorite upscale establishment is her local Capital Grille because of the outstanding service she consistently receives when dining there. Since she typically dines with clients in tow, Penny is highly aware of the impression that good service makes on people and how disruptive poor service can be to diners. Observant and detail-oriented with an undergraduate degree in writing, Penny is an objective story-teller who easily adapts to any situation.

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