Rebekah B.

Philadelphia Evaluator – Rebekah B.

Born in Texas, Rebekah attended college in Philadelphia and has since been a resident there for over 9 years. She loves to travel, once spending a year in college exploring Europe and studying in London. You might have guessed that she has spent a lot of time in various hotels and restaurants across the globe. Now, Rebekah works as a meeting and travel planner where she advises clients on where to stay or where to dine. Passionate about hospitality, she likes to test out her recommendations first—so it’s a good thing she is attentive, objective, and detail-oriented. In fact, her favorite restaurant is Vetri because of the level of detail that goes into each and every dish, the incredible atmosphere, and the impeccable service offered every day. With a degree in psychology, Rebekah is also an expert on human behavior—so she knows genuine hospitality when she sees it.

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