Independent Restaurants Beating Chains at Curbside

An update to this study is now available.


Coyle Hospitality sought to examine the customer experience with curbside pick-up/takeout amid COVID-19 restrictions. The goal was to compare experiences at national and regional chain brands, local restaurant groups, and independent restaurants.

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A total of 145 restaurant customers completed the survey. The respondents spanned across 29 U.S. states and had ordered curbside pick-up or takeout from a restaurant within the last 30 days. The dates of the study track visits from April 6, 2020 to April 10, 2020.


At national/regional chain restaurants, consumers reported that staff took fewer COVID-19 precautions than staff at local restaurant groups and independent restaurants.


Precaution Type National/Regional Chain Local Group Independent Restaurant
Face Mask 11% 43% 33%
Gloves 60% 81% 74%
Hat/Head Covering 33% 48% 41% 


At independent restaurants, 80% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that clear messaging regarding safety precautions was prevalent on the order or online. In comparison, 71% of consumers at national/regional chain restaurants and 66% of consumers at local restaurant groups agreed or strongly agreed that clear messaging regarding safety precautions was prevalent.


The curbside handoff from staff members was more seamless at independent restaurants (92% agreed or strongly agreed) as opposed to national/regional chain restaurants (79%) and local restaurant groups (70%). Consumers noted that at independent restaurants, the pick-up process was fast and efficient, with clearly marked areas for curbside pick-up.


Customers were more likely to order takeout from independent restaurants than from national/regional chains or local restaurant groups.


Customers found that the pricing/value for the money was better at independent restaurants than at national/regional chains or local restaurant groups.

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