Secret Shoppers Share Five Restaurant Customer Service Tips

Coyle’s refers independent, experienced restaurant secret shoppers who observe, on a daily basis, both the best and worst of customer service. What have these expert mystery shopping providers uncovered? Though there are dozens they could share, here are five quick service staff tips that can elevate any restaurant guest experience.

  1. Don’t let bad moods show: It’s common enough for servers to be harried, busy and overworked, and it’s just human nature to have bad moods.  But Coyle’s network of professional secret shoppers say that foul moods too often show up at the table or in view of patrons. These staff members have forgotten the experience is not about them, it’s about the guest’s experience.
  2. Service shouldn’t be tied to the level of restaurant: Coyle-referred restaurant consultants say that good service is good service across the board, but often service standards (and lack thereof) that secret shoppers observe at lower-level restaurants imply that these restaurants don’t agree.  Just because there’s a more casual feel or budget-friendly prices, doesn’t mean the standards of service shouldn’t be excellent.
  3. Make sure the washrooms are clean: Yes, the restrooms are part of the guest experience. Why would you want a casual visit to the restroom to tarnish the image guests take away from an otherwise great restaurant? Our network of professional mystery shoppers too many times find neglected restrooms during their evaluations.
  4. Don’t keep guests waiting for the check: Our network of professional restaurant mystery shoppers say, even in restaurants where the pace of the meal is excellent, when it’s time for the check there’s an inexplicable slowdown. Just as first impressions are important, hospitality consultants also say last impressions stay with you. Waiting too long to conclude the meal can take away from an otherwise super experience.
  5. Know the menu: Finally, our network of professional secret shoppers report that their questions about specific menu items often go unanswered or improperly answered. On the other hand, servers who know the menu, or go to lengths to get the answer to guests’ questions, elevate the experience. Professional restaurant mystery shoppers also say they’re more apt to order the items that a server enthusiastically describes.
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