Top 10 Reasons Clients Use Restaurant Mystery Shopping


10. Develop clear communication between front of house and back of house

9. Incentive staff by recognizing best practices; coach staff on areas of opportunities

8. Identify the behaviors that drive customer loyalty

7. Increase revenue by focusing on suggestive selling and cash handling at the bar and throughout the meal

6. Measure brand/franchise compliance, where applicable

5. Foster a culture of employee engagement and continuous improvement

4. Discover strengths and weaknesses between you and your competition; benchmark against the industry

3. Incorporate credible quality metrics into your manager’s balanced scorecards; make bonuses more meaningful

2. Validate, refute, and analyze online reviews from Yelp!, OpenTable, social media, and others

1. Sleep easier at night knowing that your restaurant’s customer experience is being measured by the most trusted name in restaurant mystery shopping for close to 20 years; let Coyle be your eyes and ears

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