Robert F.

Atlanta Evaluator – Robert F.

Robert lived in various locations along the East coast of the United States before settling in Atlanta over 12 years ago. His passion for hospitality started small when he worked as a pizza-delivery boy and ice-cream scooper during his teenage summers, and it continued when he tended bar in college. Now, it lives on from a different perspective as Robert dines out frequently. Since he has traveled to nearly every state in the United States and to dozens of other countries for both business and leisure, his restaurant-guest expertise expands the globe. Further, because many of his dinner-dates have been important clients, Robert knows exactly what guests are looking for in a restaurant setting. He can certainly tell you the ingredients that make up perfect customer satisfaction because he delivers it to his clients and requires it when he is a client. With an undergraduate degree from Wharton and a J.D. from Georgetown, Robert brings an analytical mind to the table. As a partner at his law firm, he is detailed, observant, and objective. One of his favorite restaurants is Restaurant Eugene because of the unique, creative dishes, the local, seasonal ingredients, and the dedication to service–all of which are impossible to recreate.

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