Secret Shopper Programs: Prime Your Business for Positive Evaluations

Superiority in a market is a result of the small things that set your business apart.

Choose a company with the capabilities to develop and analyze custom metrics of success unique to your brand’s customer perception mission.

Coyle Hospitality’s secret shopper program transcends the ordinary to deliver innovative insights.

“Coyle has provided valuable insight to the complexities of our dynamic guest demographic. They truly understand how to measure our brand.”

Lisa Vogt, Royal Caribbean International

“Kimpton’s partnership with Coyle Hospitality Group provides an unparalleled upside in this challenging economy.”

John Inserra, Kimpton Restaurants

When you choose Coyle Hospitality Group, you’re guaranteed efficient, implementable, and insightful results.

Our global network is composed of more than 15,000 local, affluent, and professional consumers who partner with the best brains in the industry.

Tangible results with a measurable impact: We develop completely personalized secret shopper programs for companies striving for excellence in all areas of the hospitality, sales, marketing, wealth management, and travel industries.

  • We’ll work with your existing Quality Assurance program.
  • We perform both quantitative and qualitative research while leveraging eighteen years of experience and more than 65,000 prior independent evaluations.
  • Results are rendered in secure online deliverables.
  • Throughout the process, our service and support reflects the careful attention you give to your own customers.

If it’s experiential services you offer, let us design and implement a customized program to evaluate, measure, develop, and implement lasting, dynamic solutions to build your brand’s performance capabilities.

Choose the experts in conscientious service (towards our own clients and yours) to implement your secret shopping program. Contact Coyle Hospitality Group today.

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