Coyle Hospitality Group – The Perfect Secret Shopping Solution

Providing an exceptional experience for your guests is of the utmost important, and Coyle Hospitality Group is a secret shopping company that ensures you are meeting that goal both now and far into the future.

secret shopping company

As a member of the hospitality industry, your guests – whether your company is a restaurant, bar, hotel, resort, spa or cruise line – are your most important asset.

And with the help of Coyle’s network of professional evaluators, you will reach new heights of customer satisfaction.

What Separates Us from Other Secret Shopper Companies?

Since 1996, Coyle has been a market leader in serving high-touch experiential industries with a wide variety of valuable assets, including:

  • Carefully screened professional mystery shoppers
  • Quality benchmarking
  • Brand compliance
  • Market research services and more

By serving companies from a global perspective, we can give a true assessment as to where you stand. With fully detailed, customized measurement programs and unparalleled support and analysis, we are a secret shopping company that can truly turn you into a market leader.

The Right Secret Shopping Option for You

Having facilitated more than 65,000 evaluations and establishing a network of 15,000 professional evaluators across the globe, Coyle’s network truly represents your ideal guest demographic with the experience needed to accurately measure your performance.

No matter the size of your market, we look forward to working with you. To learn more about what we can do for your company, be sure to contact Coyle today for a free consultation.

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