How Can Coyle’s Hotel Inspections Help You?

Turning your vision into action...

Coyle Hospitality evaluators have successfully performed over 62,000  inspections since 1996.

More importantly Coyle has served a wide variety of hotel, resort, spa and lodging clients with varied needs. From boutique hotels, independent resorts to global upscale and luxury lodging clients, Coyle’s services and guest experience expertise include:

  1. Rating services tune-ups Forbes (formerly Michelin), AAA, Affinity Marketing
  2. Brand Compliance Assessments (Comprehensive and Focused)
  3. Mystery Shopping
  4. Positioning Assessments/Competitive Analysis
  5. Feasibility and Pre-acquisition Assessments
  6. Service Standards Development/Consulting

Over the years, we have determined that it is most important to measure what really matters to your guests.  Don’t let the daunting task of tackling your service and brand compliance standards stop you from perfectly aligning your marketing efforts with your operational capabilities.

Ensure your marketing message doesn’t fall flat the moment a guest walks into your hotel.

Coyle will do all the work, making it easy to turn your vision into reality and your guests into loyal brand advocates.

Or, perhaps you have a special situation and simply need an objective viewpoint from a trusted partner that has advised over 200 hospitality companies about operational issues and how to improve the guest experience.

Not sure where to begin?

Call us today and speak with us about our customized audit programs. You will find that we listen carefully, ask good questions, and will get right to the heart of your specific situation and needs.  Only after that will we begin to explore tailor-made solutions that fit you.

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