Shanghai Wears Crown as the World’s Largest City

Coyle Hospitality reports the Shanghai skyline is sprinkled with skyscraper hotels offering superb services.

What a difference a century makes. It is quite unlikely that our great grandparents would have pointed a finger at Shanghai as the world’s most populated city of the future. As of 1927, the Republic of China had only just created the municipality of Shanghai.

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Shanghai Hospitality Scene is Cutting Edge

ShanghaAs everyone knows, times have changed enormously on the Yangtze Delta, nowhere more strikingly than here in the world’s busiest cargo port populated by 23 million people. WIth its futuristic skyline, the striking blend of past, present and future runs counterpoint with another striking story of Chinese and international, as told on every street corner.

In a move likely to be copied by other savvy, forward-thinking destinations, Shanghai introduced a 45-nation visa-free period of 78 hours for entry which extends to Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou. The new regulations adopted in January 2013 are supported by interactions with airlines, airport authorities and hotel registration desks.

It’s difficult to think of a top international hotel brand not represented in Shanghai’s lineup of more than 3,200 hotels. Coyle Hospitality is proud to call many of these our clients, where we deliver world-class mystery shopping solutions to world-class properties. User generated ratings at Tripadvisor, recently named the leading source for internet travel searches, has ranked the Mandarin Oriental as number one, closely followed by Starwood’s Waldorf Astoria. Social media means that fine dining in the sky, Shanghai style, is tweeted and posted galore.

Holding on to such accolades, staying in the hospitality limelight of the world’s largest city with hundreds of discerning guests coming and going every day, does not come without hard work and winning partnerships.

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