Silicon Valley’s Innovative Hospitality

We help Silicon Valley hospitality experts such as Woodside Hotels to think outside the box, because their customers do, too.

Coyle knows that innovation is a way of life in Silicon Valley, where guests and diners expect to be surprised and delighted by menus, service, in-room amenities, and more. That’s why Coyle-referred professional evaluators are based in South Bay and the Peninsula, frequently mixing in and amongst the entrepreneurial and the enterprising. Coyle hospitality clients benefit from the kind of discreet and insightful feedback provided by these evaluators that lifts the guest experience. Whether it be leisure or business that attracts your customers to your door, we can help to make certain that their first time will not be their last time. Word-of-mouth is more important than ever these days, so let’s work together to ensure that your business is creating evangelists at every opportunity.

Additional Benefits

  • Locally based mystery shoppers for your restaurant or hotel
  • Analysis of KPIs against your own competitive set
  • Coyle-referred evaluators understand a 360-degree holistic approach to your guests’ experience
  • We’re here seven days a week to provide unparalleled service and support
  • Our software is flexible to adjust to your property’s needs
  • We have rapid turnaround because timing is key in hospitality

Contact us today and make Coyle your mystery shopping referral source in Silicon Valley.

Create Your Own Lodging and Dining Evangelists

Silicon-Valley-streetviewSan Francisco is one of the nation’s top culinary destinations, blessed with both the climate and sensibility which enables farm-to-table experiences around both food and wine — and that includes beer — applauded by chefs and diners alike.

From San Jose north toward San Francisco, the Silicon Valley corridor stretches through communities with names like Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Cupertino, forever tied to home-based startups which are now among the world’s hottest companies. Along the pretty, tree-lined main streets in these towns are many well-liked ethnic eateries with a spotlight on their extensive California wine menus and artisan beers from local breweries. As Silicon Valley grows, attracting many of the best and brightest from local incubators like Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley, the dining scene has exploded alongside real estate values.

Lucky enough to be near California’s bountiful Central Valley, surrounded by world-famous vineyards, and just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, South Bay and the Peninsula are keen to support the Northern Califonia triumverate of local, sustainable, and organic. A vibrant conference corridor, hotels such as Palo Alto’s Four Seasons see frequent gatherings related to technology, health IT, big data, cloud computing, and sports events.

With a population larger than San Francisco, San Jose is home to gleaming headquarters for Adobe, Knight Ridder, Cisco, eBay, and PayPal. As much a mindset as a location, Silicon Valley venues such as Santa Clara’s Convention Center, The Tech Museum, Computer History Museum, and Stanford’s Hoover Institute are sought after as innovative venues for meetings and conferences. The newly expanded San Jose McEnery Convention Center opened in fall 2013, surrounded by Hilton, Hyatt Place, Marriott, Sainte Claire, De Anza, and Fairmont hotels. San Jose residents and visitors alike head for Santana Row, an upscale European-inspired district of palm-lined streets chock-a-block with shops, restaurants, and bars for both indoor and outdoor dining, where the Hotel Valencia is known as one of the city’s better hotels. Historic downtown San Pedro Square Market is another pocket of urban vibe with rock ‘n roll alongside rock oysters from Tamales Bay.


Coyle serves the following Silicon Valley zip codes:

  • 94089
  • 95002
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  • 95013
  • 95014
  • 95032
  • 95035
  • 95037
  • 95050
  • 95054
  • 95070
  • 95110
  • 95111
  • 95112
  • 95113
  • 95116
  • 95117
  • 95118
  • 95119
  • 95120
  • 95121
  • 95122
  • 95123
  • 95124
  • 95125
  • 95126
  • 95127
  • 95128
  • 95129
  • 95130
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  • 95148


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